Gift Ideas

In the topic Gift ideas, discover the seasons new and creative Fabrice Gillotte.
Discover chocolates Fabrice Gillotte.

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Les nuages

Discover Les Nuages, a new originale creation of Fabrice Gillotte.

Succumb to a light and smooth marshmallow and a fresh fruity jam...

Ours Art Eté

Succumb to the crisp and tender little face of Ours'Art!

Box of 5 delicious marshmallow bears tender heart of lime and mango.

Les Pralinés d’Exception

Exception require Excellence.

Fabrice Gillotte makes his pralines with the best dried fruits in the world : Piemont hazelnuts, Provence almonds, pecan nut, pistachios from Iran or Sicilia and the exquisite maple syrup and sugar from Muscovado.  The whole production process, lead by the savoir-faire of Fabrice Gillotte, is made in his workshop to get… Les Pralinés d’Exception.

Available in 16 or 32 chocolate boxes.

Les irrésistibles

Discover a new original creation and innovation Fabrice Gillotte.
Succumb to the crunchy chocolate fudge caramel, to the smoothness of vanilla and marshmallow crispy chocolate hazelnut.

Boxes assorted dark chocolate and milk.

  • Irresistibles dark chocolate: dark chocolate, vanilla caramel, marshmallow vanilla, chocolate and hazelnuts.
  • Irresistibles chocolate milk: milk chocolate, hazelnut caramel, marshmallow vanilla, chocolate and hazelnuts.
Chocolate mushrooms

Those delicious little dark, milk, dulce and white chocolate mushrooms are filled with caramel and almonds-hazelnuts praliné !

Les Délicieux Cakes

Discover Les Délicieux Cakes by Fabrice Gillotte.

New creations with uniques ganaches heart :
- Dark chocolate cake & dark chocolate ganache
- Caramel
- Lemon & Lemon ganache


To be consumed within 7 days after shipment.
To conserve at ambient temperature.

Perles de cacao

Perles de cacao, the new creation of Fabrice Gillotte. The quintessence of pure cocoa from Venezuela or Jamaica with crunchy and delicate chocolate cocoa bean nibs. The perfect pleasure to enjoy with a coffee or a tea.

Perles de cacao :

  • Venezuela cocoa bean nibs, 75 % cocoa dark chocolate.
  • Jamaica cocoa bean nibs, 57% cocoa milk chocolate.