Candied lemon

Chocolate Squares

Candied lemon : Ivory Coast 40% cocoa – Mellow and tangy

May contain allergens: nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, gluten.


70 g


9,00 €

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6,30 €

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Amours de Kokeshi

A new original creation by Fabrice Gillotte ! Four dark and milk chocolate dolls, with a Parisian and Tokyo styles, filled with almonds / hazelnuts praliné and vanilla caramel.

Lily of the valley

Give your loved ones a touch of lily of the valley!

Dark chocolate - praline almonds / hazelnut and caramelized hazelnuts
Milk chocolate - almond / hazelnut praline and caramelized almonds

Coffret Make Up

Offer the new original creation of Fabrice Gillotte… an intense lovely and colorful new collection.

18 chocolate hearts pieces, filled with :
rose caramel & raspberry jam / poppy caramel & strawberry / violet caramel & blackcurrent jam. 

Le coffret à jouets

A new and original creation by Fabrice Gillotte, to be enjoyed with a chimney fire !
A box composed of 15 "Langues de chat" in dark chocolate and milk filled with:
Salted butter caramel / creamy hazelnut.


Les Langues de Chat

Les Langues de Chat, a new original creation of Fabrice Gillotte… 

15 chocolate Langues de Chat, filled with :
dark chocolate & vanilla caramel / white chocolate & strawberry caramel 

Web exclusivity

Mon beau sapin

New original creation by Fabrice Gillotte

Fall for Mon beau sapin, dark chocolate or milk, with crunchy almond / hazelnut praliné, hazelnut meringue and a biscuit base with fleur de sel.

With its red satin cord, you can hang Mon beau sapin and decorate your Christmas !

Taste and share without moderation ...


Height: 11 cm


Ice floe case

The box of chocolates for Christmas flavors ...
Soft as snow, graphic and colorful design, Ice seduce young and old alike.

Box with 9 chocolates Christmas :

- The Eskimos
Dark chocolate - brown ganache Collobrières

- The Polar Bear
Dark chocolate - praline almonds and candied figs

Les sardines

Discover Les Sardines, the new original creation of Fabrice Gillotte.

A box of 10 dark and chocolate, filled in a almonds-hazelnuts praliné.

Four-leaf clover

Almonds-hazelnuts praliné amandes-noisettes, white chocolate décors, dark chocolate et salted butter caramel ladybirds

Ours Art Création Glamour

A new and original creation by Fabrice Gillotte !
Ours Art take off their clothes for Saint-Valentine’s Day... Each bear is filled with vanilla caramal heart shape chocolate pieces !
Packed into special boxes with trays of protections.

Crunchy almond

Crunchy almond : Almond praline, nougatine

Pâques au jardin

Picotti ! Picotta !

Discover in each of these 24 boxes, a surprise chocolate Easter (box set with our assortment of Easter).

Irresistibles Mont-Blanc

Discover a new original creation and innovation Fabrice Gillotte. Succumb to the crunchy chocolate fudge caramel, to the smoothness of vanilla and marshmallow crispy meringue. Boxes assorted dark chocolate and milk.

Irresistibles milk chocolate: milk chocolate, caramel with chestnut and chestnut honey, vanilla marshmallow, chocolate meringue.
Irresistibles dark chocolate: dark chocolate, caramel with spicy orange, marshmallow vanilla and cocoa, chocolate meringue.

Discover Classics Irresistibles

4 eggs Clubs

A chicken (dark chocolate), a rabbit (milk and dark chocolates), a duck (white and milk chocolates), a owl (dark and milk chocolates).
Bite and discover an irresistible almonds-hazelnuts praliné on a dark chocolate basis.


Gift Box Paste fruits & candy hearts

A new Fabrice Gillotte’s creation ! Each box is composed of a hearts duo. Each heart is composed of an insertion of paste fruits between two layers of candy. Simply beautiful !


Pink heart :
Basis and top made of a rose candy flavour.
In the middle, insertion of a raspberry paste fruit.


Ecuador 45% Notes of caramel and sea salt
Ecuador 45% Notes of caramel and sea salt

Ecuador - milk chocolate : 45% cocoa – Notes of caramel and sea salt

Pure Saint-Valentin

Declare your love and offer Pure Saint-Valentin.

Subtle, light, crunchy, melting ...

The dish is accompanied by milk chocolate pucks and unctuous salted butter caramel as well as dark chocolate pucks and unctuous hazelnut.

Xmas Fantastic 4

Delicious Christmas balls filled with an unctuous vanilla caramel and a crispy almonds/hazelnuts praliné !


Half Dozen

Natural shell with almonds - hazelnuts praliné filling

6 pieces

The Hazelnuts

The Fabrice Gillotte’s Autumn harvest …

Almonds and hazelnuts almond paste and roasted Piemonte hazelnuts. 


Hazelnuts praliné, crêpe dentelle et rice crispy, dark chocolate

Easters animals

Chicken, sheep, rabbit, duck and fish...

Offer the new funny Creations of Fabrice Gillotte !

3D creations, made of chocolate and praline.

Les Merveilles

Discover a new original creation and innovation Fabrice Gillotte.

Les Merveilles, box of 4 different chocolates pieces filled with caramels and pralinés.

Available in 16 and 32 pieces boxes assorted dark chocolate and milk, filled with :
- Pear caramel, almonds praliné and milk chocolate
- Apple caramel, hazelnuts praliné and dark chocolate
- Quince Caramel, nuts praliné and dark chocolate
- Chestnuts caramel, almonds - hazelnuts praliné and and dark chocolate

Les jouets à croquer

Discover Major and Bilboquet, new original creations by Fabrice Gillotte.

Offer these beautiful Toys in dark chocolate or milk and shine the eyes of small and big greedy!

In their original packaging, the subjects have a specific setting to protect the products during their delivery.

An original gift idea !

Sizes of the subjects: about 23 cm
Unfilled subjects

Little Ladybird

Un amour de coccinelle qui vous portera bonheur et gourmandise...!

Chocolat noir et caramel au beurre salé


A caramels assortment of :
- Vanilla caramel
- Blackcurrant
- Lemon - Buttered apple
- Almonds-hazelnuts
- Coffee
- Gingerbread

The Chestnuts

The Chestnuts, a news Fabrice Gillotte’s creation.
A dark chocolate base, white chocolate shell and a crispy almonds-hazelnuts praliné heart.

Easter basket

An assortment of dark, milk, blond and white chocolate pieces, filled with almonds-hazelnuts, passion fruit, vanilla, raspberry eggs caramels, nougatine eggs ...

Le Coffret du Pirate

Chocolate Emerald, filled in lime caramel, Chocolate Ruby, filled in raspberry caramel, Dark and milk chocolate golds coins, filled in hazelnuts spread …

Saint-Valentine Collection

For Saint-Valentine’s day, offer the most elegante and delicious box of chocolates.
This new Fabrice Gillotte’s creation gathers 18 St Valentine’s chocolate pieces filled with vanilla caramel, orchid ganache and almonds-hazeltnuts.
Box of 18 chocolate hearts : 21 €

Ours Art - Saint Valentine

Succumb to the crisp and tender little face of Ours'Art!

2 different Ours Art Glamour boxes available :

- Box of 5 dark and milk chocolate bears, vanilla
marshmallow and strawberry jam heart

- Box of 5 dark and milk chocolate bears, vanilla
marshmallow and vignard peach jam heart



A lovely milk chocolate turtle, filled in with an almonds / hazelnuts praliné.

Les 4 sexys

A new and original creation by Fabrice Gillotte !
Four dark, milk, blond and white chocolate figurines filled with almonds / hazelnuts praliné and vanilla caramel.

Christmas Tentations

Orangeberries, truffles, candy fir, beggars, chestnuts ...
Discover the Tentations of Christmas, unavoidable sweets of the holidays.

Easter chocolates

Discover Easter fried Fabrice Gillotte, Small 200 G!
Fried chocolate, praline Poultry, Eggs praline almond / hazelnut, eggs nougatines assorted assorted pastries eggs, eggs assorted toffees ... dark chocolate, milk or blond.

Preserved ginger

Preserved ginger, 72% cocoa dark chocolate from Venezuela

Les Petits Champignons

Les Petits Champignons, half-spheres in dark, milk and blond chocolate filled with a almonds-hazelnuts praliné or vanilla caramel ...

Ours Art Panda

Succumb to the crisp and tender little face of Ours'Art!

Delicious vanilla marshmallow bears tender heart of cherry marmelade coated dark or milk chocolate ...

Candied Chestnuts case

Box of candied chestnuts wrapped.
Maroon from Turin.

Tentations Grignotages

Croc’ Télé

Croc’Télé, Fabrice Gillotte an originale creation.

A dark chocolate shell filled in with gianduja and dried fruits and fruits, assorted of :

- Figs / caramelized almonds
- Apricot / caramelized almonds
- Jumbo / rice crispy
- Clémentines / pine nuts
- Prune / crystalized hazelnuts
- Pear / caramelized hazelnuts
- Cranberry / pistacchio

Grignotines- Dark chocolate

Caramelized almonds, rice crispy and dark chocolate.


Chocolate : Pure Peruvian chocolate ganache

Advent calendar

Fabrice Gillotte has imagined his own chocolate Advent calendar.

To wait until Christmas, taste everyday a new flavor... and discover a special surprise on December 25th !

Nordic Winter

A new and original creation of Fabrice Gillotte for the winter season …
A set of 15 Langues de Chat, dark or milk chocolate and filled with :
salted butter caramel / hazelnuts spread / pinetree honey caramel

Candied chestnuts

Offer the candied chestnuts, from Turin, wrapped into a monogramed silver paper.

Croc’Télé case

Fabrice Gillotte presents his new and original creations, Croc’Télé and Craquants, in a smart case. A beautiful gift idea.

A dark chocolate shell filled in with gianduja and dried fruits :
- Figs / caramelized almonds
- Apricot / caramelized almonds
- Pear / caramelized hazelnuts
- Cranberry / pistacchio

Christmas tree candy

Enjoy the Christmas trees almond paste candy vanilla, pistachio, peach and raspberry !
A pure moment of greed ...

Candied lemon Ivory Coast 40% cocoa
Candied lemon Ivory Coast 40% cocoa

Candied lemon : Ivory Coast 40% cocoa – Mellow and tangy

Truffles Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree filled with 2 different chocolate Truffles :
- dark chocolate truffles Ecuador pure origin, 72%
- milk chocolate truffles Jamaica pure origin, 47% of cocoa

Ours' Art - Santa

Ours’ Art wears its Santa’s blanket and cap !

A delicious little bear made of vanilla marshmallow, with a crystalized strawberry heart and dark or milk chocolate shell.


The real taste of the Truffles... Made with a rich character ganache of Venezuela origin...

- Truffles pure origin dark chocolate ganache Ecuador, 72% of cocoa

Coffret du Trappeur

A new and original creation of Fabrice Gillotte. Discover a set of crispy and delicate chocolates in a smart case.
A beautiful gift idea…
Coffret du Trappeur contains :
crispy almonds and hazelnuts praliné chocolate sticks / dark or blond chocolate mendiants / candied orange slice and dark chocolate.

Advent calendar

Discover the new Advent calendar of Fabrice Gillotte to wait for Christmas smoothly ...
and discover the chocolate surprise of December 25th!

For young and old gourmets ...

Made of chocolates and confectionery.


For Christmas, offer to kids chocolate candies ! Available in chocolate (not available) or confiserie bags. 

Chocolate mushrooms

Those delicious little dark, milk, dulce and white chocolate mushrooms are filled with caramel and almonds-hazelnuts praliné !

Ours Art Business

Succumb to the crisp and tender little face of Ours'Art!

Delicious vanilla marshmallow bears tender heart of candied strawberry coated dark or milk chocolate ...

Ours Art Halloween

The Fabrice Gillotte’s muse, Ours Art, dress up for Halloween !

Dark or milk chocolate, hazelnuts praliné and vanilla caramel heart….

5 bears case. 

Ours Art Chef

Succumb to the little face of crunchy and tender Ours'Art!
A box of 10 delicious vanilla marshmallow teddy tender heart confit black chocolate covered strawberry or milk ...

Photo may

Les Caramélisés

Discover and share caramelized almonds, and hazelnuts, roasted coffee beans, pecan nuts caramelized with maple syrup.

Halloween Biscuits

Delicious little monsters biscuits and chocolate to eat without any limit !

- The Pumpkin
- The Skull
- The Mummy
- The Bat

Heart valentin

Offer the Heart Bouchée, with a crispy chocolate shell and and melting caramel...
Bewitching !