Rare, subtle and delicate, the FG Collections are the fruit of technical prowess created by FABRICE GILLOTTE, whose full significance is revealed when you savour them.

A complex and harmonious alliance between the refined balance of jellied fruits, flowers, infusions of cocoa beans and the elegant and measured flavours of the ganache.

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Couleurs de Bourgogne

Delicate fruit flavours
An invitation to explore
Tastes that reflect the region
Flamboyant creations
Lusciously subtle
A blend of subtle fruit ganache and jellied fruits

Available in boxes of 8 or 16 chocolates 

Couleurs de Bourgogne details

Jardin précieux

Spirit of Asia
Daring flower and fruit creations
Captivating fragrances
Exquisite sensations
Gently transport you
Subtle fragrances of a jellied fruit and flower ganache

Available in boxes of 8 or 16 chocolates

Jardin Précieux details


Back to the beginning
From water springs boldness
Pure, authentic creation
Sensual and delicate pleasure
Surprisingly intense
The bold flavour of an original cocoa ganache and cocoa bean infused jelly

Available in boxes of 8 chocolates

Aquacao details

Culture Thé

Culture Thé
Cultural Heritage
Perfect infusion of the best teas
Magic of a captivating moment
An enchanting sensory travel
Available in boxes of 8 or 16 chocolates
Culture Thé details