5th Award for Fabrice Gillotte 

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This assortment contains a full range of flavours from the chocolate maker’s palette, from the classical to the most creative, enabling you to set off on a journey of discovery through the world of gourmet chocolate.

Composition of assortments

Ours Art - Saint Valentine

Succumb to the crisp and tender little face of Ours'Art!

2 different Ours Art Glamour boxes available :

- Box of 5 dark and milk chocolate bears, vanilla
marshmallow and strawberry jam heart

- Box of 5 dark and milk chocolate bears, vanilla
marshmallow and vignard peach jam heart


Saint-Valentine Collection

For Saint-Valentine’s day, offer the most elegante and delicious box of chocolates.
This new Fabrice Gillotte’s creation gathers 18 St Valentine’s chocolate pieces filled with vanilla caramel, orchid ganache and almonds-hazeltnuts.
Box of 18 chocolate hearts : 21 €

Ours Art Création Glamour

A new and original creation by Fabrice Gillotte !
Ours Art take off their clothes for Saint-Valentine’s Day... Each bear is filled with vanilla caramal heart shape chocolate pieces !
Packed into special boxes with trays of protections.

Les 4 sexys

A new and original creation by Fabrice Gillotte !
Four dark, milk, blond and white chocolate figurines filled with almonds / hazelnuts praliné and vanilla caramel.

Amours de Kokeshi

A new original creation by Fabrice Gillotte ! Four dark and milk chocolate dolls, with a Parisian and Tokyo styles, filled with almonds / hazelnuts praliné and vanilla caramel.

Gift Box Paste fruits & candy hearts

A new Fabrice Gillotte’s creation ! Each box is composed of a hearts duo. Each heart is composed of an insertion of paste fruits between two layers of candy. Simply beautiful !


Pink heart :
Basis and top made of a rose candy flavour.
In the middle, insertion of a raspberry paste fruit.