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5th Award for Fabrice Gillotte 

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This assortment contains a full range of flavours from the chocolate maker’s palette, from the classical to the most creative, enabling you to set off on a journey of discovery through the world of gourmet chocolate.

Composition of assortments

Ours Art - Saint Valentine

Succumb to the crisp and tender little face of Ours'Art!

2 different Ours Art Glamour boxes available :

- Box of 5 dark and milk chocolate bears, vanilla
marshmallow and strawberry jam heart

- Box of 5 dark and milk chocolate bears, vanilla
marshmallow and vignard peach jam heart


Les irrésistibles

Discover a new original creation and innovation Fabrice Gillotte.
Succumb to the crunchy chocolate fudge caramel, to the smoothness of vanilla and marshmallow crispy chocolate hazelnut.

Boxes assorted dark chocolate and milk.

  • Irresistibles dark chocolate: dark chocolate, vanilla caramel, marshmallow vanilla, chocolate and hazelnuts.
  • Irresistibles chocolate milk: milk chocolate, hazelnut caramel, marshmallow vanilla, chocolate and hazelnuts.
Saint-Valentine Collection

For Saint-Valentine’s day, offer the most elegante and delicious box of chocolates.
This new Fabrice Gillotte’s creation gathers 18 St Valentine’s chocolate pieces filled with vanilla caramel, orchid ganache and almonds-hazeltnuts.
Box of 18 chocolate hearts : 21 €

Perles de cacao

Perles de cacao, the new creation of Fabrice Gillotte. The quintessence of pure cocoa from Venezuela or Jamaica with crunchy and delicate chocolate cocoa bean nibs. The perfect pleasure to enjoy with a coffee or a tea.

Perles de cacao :

  • Venezuela cocoa bean nibs, 75 % cocoa dark chocolate.
  • Jamaica cocoa bean nibs, 57% cocoa milk chocolate.
Coffret du Trappeur

A new and original creation of Fabrice Gillotte. Discover a set of crispy and delicate chocolates in a smart case.
A beautiful gift idea…
Coffret du Trappeur contains :
crispy almonds and hazelnuts praliné chocolate sticks / dark or blond chocolate mendiants / candied orange slice and dark chocolate.

Amours de Kokeshi

A new original creation by Fabrice Gillotte ! Four dark and milk chocolate dolls, with a Parisian and Tokyo styles, filled with almonds / hazelnuts praliné and vanilla caramel.